EZ Blocker Set

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The EZ – Blocker Endotracheal Blocker from Teleflex was developed by an anaesthetist for use by anaesthetists to provide an improved device for long isolation. The EZ – Blocker Endotracheal Blocker has a Y-shaped distal end that mirrors the bifurcation of the trachea.
The bifurcated distal end of the EZ – Blocker Endotracheal Blocker allows for the intuitive placement of the cuffs in the right or left bronchus. Once the EZ – Blocker Endotracheal Blocker is advanced through the distal end of a single-lumen endotracheal tube, the bifurcated cuffs separate and are naturally directed into the left and right mainstream bronchi
EZ – Blocker Endotracheal Blocker is securely placed at the carina without the need for navigation of the cuff into either of the bronchi. With the EZ – Blocker Endotracheal Blocker, inflation can be performed just before long isolation, which minimises the need to manipulate the catheter after placement and reduces the potential for the cuffs to become dislodged.
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